Manjaro on my Surface Go

Install and run Manjaro on a Microsoft Surface Go

This mostly just contains personal notes and references to get the Manjaro i3 flavor running.

This largely follows the steps in my ‘Manjaro on a MBP’ post, only the differences are highlighted here.


Because I could not get the bootloader menu to work properly and I did not need Windows at all, I decided to erase it all together and just do a clean install of Manjaro. To do so, like on the MBP, I just used the live usb to do the installation.

Post install

To get most of the things working, use the



Thanks to the wonderfull linux-surface repo, you can fix the WiFi and other minor issues:

Just recently, afer a big sudo pacman -Syu operation, I had to run this again. For convenience, keep the files around somewhere in you home directory.