Things I Saw While Running — Part 1­

I love to run. Whenever I can spare the time, I love to just get out and beat down some miles. During these strolls, I come accross a lot of nice things, and thought it would be nice to keep some log.

Icy Tree, Belgium, December 2017

My Dog Running Along, Belgium, April 2017

Blooming Flax, Belgium, June 2017

Snail, Belgium, August 2017

Willog Twig, Belgium, April 2017

Meadow Crossing, Sweden, August 2019

Idyllic Forest Road, Sweden, August 2019

Dildo Shape Party Tent, Belgium, August 2019

Blue Sky, Belgium, June 2019

Cold Evening, Belgium, Februari 2020

Sir Bradley Wiggins Street Painting, Paterberg Belgium, Februari 2020

Dead Eel, Belgium, April 2020

Right Hand Glove, Belgium, May 2020